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I would like to show here some of my earlier projects. First I will present my travel albums. I like traveling and I take a lot of pictures. I wanted to design albums with my vacation photos. And that is when I’ve started scrapbooking.

“World Travel” Album

I’d already had thousands of photos on my PC from different journeys when I learned about scrapbooking. I decided to make one big “World Travel” album. I bought a 12×12 post-bound album with top-loading clear page protectors. Then I planned to design 1 page for each trip or 1 page for each country in a multi-destination trip. It took me one year to complete this project with more than 20 pages covering my travel experience since 2004. However this is a kind of infinite albums, because I already have more photos to add 🙂

Here are some 12×12 pages/layouts from my “World Travel” album:

Italy – 30×30 layout from World Travel album

London, UK – 30×30 layout from World Travel album

Kiev, Ukraine – 30×30 layout from World Travel album

Miami Beach, USA – 30×30 layout from World Travel album

Paris, France – 30×30 layout from World Travel album

Netherlands – 30×30 layout from World Travel album

“Austria and Germany” album

The next album I want to share is totally dedicated to a trip to Austria and Germany in April 2012. It is made completely from scratch. Its size is 8×8 and base sheets are connected with rings. I used a vintage collection by Fabscraps. I think that shabby look goes well with pictures from Europe.

YouTube video with full “Austria and Germany” album:

“Majorca 2012” album

I also had an experience of scrapbooking on the road. I managed to complete the first part of my travel-book during a vacation at Majorca last fall. Unfortunately I ran out of adhesive too soon 🙁 So I had to finish it at home. For the base I used one of those “natural” albums that are sold at most European resorts.

Base for Majorca travel-book

Please take a look at a couple of pages from my “Majorca 2012” album:

Island map – page from Majorca travel-book

Lunch time – page from Majorca travel-book

Palma de Mallorca walk – page from Majorca travel-book

Windy day – page from Majorca travel-book

Hope that you enjoyed this show. I would like to ask my guests a few questions:

  • Do you take a lot of pictures during vacation?
  • Do you scrapbook your vacation photos?
  • What are your favorite styles/collections for travel albums?

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Thank you for reading and leaving a comment!

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