Tim’s 12 Tags of 2014 – October & September

I was inspired by the new Tim Holtz tag for October and also decided to catch up with September tag.

The beginning of the month is the time for a new Tim Holtz tag. I loved the Halloween inspired look of Tim’s tag and used it as inspiration. Though my pumpkin is hand-drawn. So is the spider web. The background was sprayed with Distress Marker. That’s when the spritzer tool comes handy! And finally I added some sequins.

Tim Holtz Tag October 2014

I was so happy to see my name in the list of winners from the August tags! Now I’ve received my present, small but very special. I’ve got Ranger products, of course. It seems that I was celebrating my victory so long that I missed the chance to add my September tag to the challenge. But I did make the tag and I love it. :) So I will show it here too.

Tim Holtz Tag September 2014

Supplies (for both tags):

Irene McBeatle

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One Thought on “Tim’s 12 Tags of 2014 – October & September

  1. Cedar Point is my home park I go there all the time and I&;9#03ve rode Millie more times than I can count. I've ridden Bizarro twice and I believe it to be superior. And yes CC it is annoying that there is a lack of looping coasters. If any though, Montu should be on that list. It is the best invert I've rode IMO

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