OCC Background Check – Day 3

Now I took the backgrounds that I’ve made earlier and used them to create cards. It is great that Background Check class gives not only technique tips but also design ideas.

I hope you’ll like the cards. I decided to make them really simple because I wanted the backgrounds to stand out.

Black border looks great on bright backgrounds. It makes it look even brighter.

Background Check - Day 3 - Card 1

The second card is my favorite. It is very unusual – black color takes the most of the space. But it doesn’t look dark with the accent on floral pattern.

Background Check - Day 3 - Card 2

I might have stamped the images on cardstock and masked them off to create a blended background. But I had the images already colored. So I cut them out and glued onto the background just like stickers.

Background Check - Day 3 - Card 3

Can’t wait to make more backgrounds and turn them into cards!

Irene McBeatle

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3 Thoughts on “OCC Background Check – Day 3

  1. julie on August 1, 2015 at 06:45 said:

    I really like your black and white one too!! nice work!

  2. Elayne on August 6, 2015 at 23:45 said:

    I really like your black and white one too. Better than Jennifer’s! The background paper you used was an excellent choice!

  3. Love the bright colors and the second one is just beautiful.

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