My Sweet Princess Card

I made this card in a burst of inspiration using materials by Prima. You will find a step by step guide for making flowers in this post too.

This post is my application for Cheery Lynn Designs Blog Team. I’d be happy to join the team. I love using die cuts.

And here is my card which I made with paper and embellishments from Epiphany collection by Prima. Besides that I used some die cuts: a doily, a vine and a flower. And I also added a shabby ribbon and pearls.

My Sweet Princess Card

Card with die cuts

The dimensional flower was made with My Favorite Things die cut. Next I will show a step by step tutorial.

1. I cut the template for the flower from patterned paper.

Die cut flower tutorial - 1

2. Then I wrapped the edges of the petals outwards.

Die cut flower tutorial - 2

3. I started rolling the bud and gluing the layers.

Die cut flower tutorial - 3

4. After finishing the bud I covered the back side with final petal.

Die cut flower tutorial - 4

And here is the finished flower. Thank you for reading. Wish me luck! :)

Die cut flower tutorial - 1

Irene McBeatle

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment!

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12 Thoughts on “My Sweet Princess Card

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